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Cute gifts for new mums-to-be and their babies

Cute gifts for new mums-to-be and their babies

Are you expecting or know someone who is? It's hard to think of gifts for new mums-to-be and babies sometimes. 

If you're looking for perfect baby shower gifts, you may want to think of a mum-to-be journal or baby memory book. 

Mum-to-be pregnancy memory journal

Treasure your pregnancy with a mum-to-be journal

Pregnancy is a very special time and a woman's body will go through a lot of changes. 

A mum-to-be pregnancy journal will allow the expectant mum to remember every special moment of her pregnancy. It is the perfect gift that allows a woman to reflect on her pregnancy as a whole, acting as a pregnancy diary.

This pregnancy journal can be used to note down thoughts, stick down pictures and mark all import updates.

Girl Pink Baby Memory Book

Keep a baby memory book

In addition, a personalised baby memory book makes a lovely gift too as part of a baby gift set.

A baby memory book will allow the mum-to-be to and dad-to-be to remember every unique moment with their newborn baby.

This gorgeous ring bound baby memory book allows the new parents to gather all of their babies special moments in the one place as they grow. Think of it as a 'my first years' diary.

They can note down all of their memories, stick in photo updates and mark the milestones of their new baby. 

The baby memory book also doubles as a baby photo book, with space to stick in photo updates throughout the babies development. You could opt for a pink baby memory book or blue baby memory book.

It's simple, a mum-to-be journal and baby memory book are essential purchases and can form part of a mum to be hamper or baby gift hamper. 

These make cute gifts for expecting mothers who will treasure these keepsakes forever. 

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